Wednesday, May 4, 2016

How I Installed & Styled My Crochet Braids

Hi ladies!!

Some of you lovely ladies preed this style on a recent Instagram post and I promised I would do a mini "instructional" post on how I achieved this look. (Well, I'm not even sure if I can call this an But I'll do my best to tell how what I did!

What you'll need:
3-4 packs of hair (about $6/pack)

1 crochet needle

Hair details:

What brand of hair did you use?
I used about 3 packs of Montego Twists (2X Jumbo Strands) in 1B (pictured above).
Which braid method did you use?
I braided my hair all back using a technique that you can find here.
How did you install it?
I installed the hair using the invisible knot method (Example video here)
Did you comb/pick the hair before you installed it?
Nope. The texture of the hair is very soft so combing it to achieve this look was unnecessary. Instead, I separated each (already separated) strand of hair - pulling one strand to make two. This allowed for the style to look more realistic, last longer, and easier to pull through braids. 
How long did it last?
It was full like the photo shown for about 2 weeks. I trimmed the ends every so often after that period. Depending on care, this style can last about 4 weeks (1month).
Can you style it?
Yep! (Just make sure you braid it properly)!

Hope this was the least bit helpful!!! Good luck, beauties!

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