Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Your Next Glory (5 Ways to Get Unstuck)

I've spent the past several week contemplating why I've not yet reached "my next glory." Most simply put, I felt I had reached a point of stagnation. I wasn't growing my craft nor was I flourishing in my purpose. The former half of this year has taught me a lot about responsibility. I've taken out of it that it's simply up to me to get God's best out of my life. Each of us are held solely accountable of our joy, success, and faith -- basically we're responsible for getting the best out of what God has placed in us. As Christians we are tasked to go from glory to glory and we must activate our gifts in order to get there.

Here are 5 painful (yes, painful - lol) ways to get unstuck and move to your next glory:

  1. Be consistent: Vow to show up daily (especially on those days you feel like you just can't). Create discipline in your life and go at your goals by consistently putting in effort each and every day. Be steadfast in your promise to work at your dream. Show up and stay at it.
  2. Be serious: Okay now...Imagine if you gave this dream of yours your best all. Like absolutely everything you've got. How much more successful would your company be? How much faster would you run? How much more would your edges flourish? I am totally guilty of not giving each "small" (no task is too small!) goal absolutely everything I have. In retrospect, in those moments I have given a task my best all, I've experienced glorious results.
  3. Be still (but move only when He says "go"): Realize that it's not every activity or every idea that deserves your attentive yes. Get in your quiet corner and seek God for your next move. (It's  possible that He also wants you to stay right where you are).
  4. Be humble: Know when to ask for help. Know when to say your plate is too full and you just can't move. Know also when to receive criticism and go at it again, this time with a different perspective.
  5. Be prepared: Most times, God needs us to master our current assignment before He elevates us to the next best blessing. Ask yourself if you've done your best and given your all in preparation for your next glory.

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