Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Forced to be Fearless (When You've Had Enough)

fear·lessadjectivelacking fear.

synonyms: bold, brave, courageous, valiant. 

I recently re-watched the film Enough (starring Jennifer Lopez) and finally understood (from a personal perspective) where her fight came from. As the film title suggests, she was over and done with being beaten, running, and crying. She'd had enough and was more than ready to claim what was rightfully hers: peace of mind,  joy, and freedom.

In order to preserve her sanity, her daughter, and her other possessions, she was forced to be fearless and she trained until she was fully equipped to step out and fight with faith.

Fearlessness doesn't come easily. Your courage is awakened when you realize it's time to possess your possession. You'll have a strong desire to claim everything you've ever hoped for and all that God promised. You'll become so fatigued from the fear that all you'll know to do is fight. (But don't go onto the battlefield unarmed).  This is when we rise up and fasten our armor of God and start calling forth dry bones of hope, boldness, and stamina. 

My life started looking drastically different when I was forced to be fearless. I realized I had so much waiting for me on the other side of anxiety, pain, and hurt. I no longer wanted to live in a space where I was scared to live my dreams. I became so uncomfortable with how uncomfortable fear made me feel. Eventually, my dreams will forced me out of fear. Sometimes progress has to come by fire by force so I was forced to stop operating and praying from a place of fear, and I started living and praising from a place of faith.

When you're forced to be fearless, faith begins to fill where fear once reigned. You become confident in whose you are and are snapped to reality remembering whom you serve. Your faith equips you to rise daily and claim what God has promised you.

The truth is, some of God's promises have to be fought for and you'll only possess them when you become absolutely drained from the running, hiding, crying. You're forced out of fear when you've absolutely had enough.

What dreams have forced you to be fearless? I'd love to hear your stories below and on insta with the hashtag #forcedtobefearless! xo

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