Friday, October 30, 2015

For the Love of London

October marks one year since I moved to London. This year has been completely life changing and God-filled to say the least.

Let me tell y'all about my God.

When I first arrived here mid October 2014, to say I was scared would be an understatement. (You can read more about my experience here). Yes, I loved London so much that I wanted to live here (it was not by force loll). However once I did, I was in tears literally everyday for the first few weeks. I wanted to quit and move back to California ASAP. But as luck would have it, God had other plans. I learned to cope with homesickness, depression, and downright dissatisfaction. I learned to be grateful, appreciate life, and vowed to travel the world. I told God that if he wanted me to stay here he would have to give me an amazing testimony. He sure did (and it is still blossoming).

How I coped:

  • Having an amazing support system: When I first arrived, I didn't have many friends. Yes y'all. I was all by my lonesome for sometime. I went to school and came home. So I leaned heavily on my stateside family and friends. (Thank God for apps like What's App, Viber, and Skype). My family and friends kept me sane with their love, prayers, and understanding. I knew I could call them whenever..for a laugh, pep talk, or prayers.

  • Holding on ever so tightly to the word of God: 'Til this day, I believe that God used my period of loneliness to draw me nearer to Him. It was in the time I was fully able to talk with Him. I read, prayed, read, prayed and repeated. My relationship with Him grew as I learned more about who He is and more about who I am through Him. 
  • Therapy: (Okay retail/food therapy is still therapy y'all!!). The weather here can be very gloomy and coming from Southern California, the lack of sunshine led to so many depressing days. I learned what made me happy. Sometimes it was upbeat/inspirational music, other times it was ice cream, but most times I would just shop (or window shop) at my favorite stores. (I know all my chronic shoppers can relate to this! lol).

  • Travel!!: I challenged myself to break out of my comfort zone and explore places I've never visited. I found amazing places in London (like coffee shops, parks, etc) to simply sit and do homework. I had the opportunity to travel to some parts of Europe to explore, visit friends, and learn.
St. James' Park, London

Sitges Beach, Barcelona

Although it is still developing I'll share a little bit of my testimony with you all:
God has never left my side. Throughout my whole journey He has been guiding, protecting, and providing for me. He has given me countless opportunities. 

Academic wise, I was successful in all my courses. Job wise, He has opened and closed so many doors which have blessed me tremendously. He has ordered my steps accordingly and caused me to cross paths with people and experiences that have changed my life. I'll definitely share more later, but I wanted to write this post simply to share how good God is and hopefully encourage you.

If there is nothing else I have to give God all the glory for allowing me to pursue my dream of living in London  + completing my masters degree.

That dream you've been holding on to..that goal that's on the top of your list...go for it. Allow God to lead you. Trust Him and he will never forsake you. He will provide for you, He will keep you, He will love you. 

Don't allow your fear to disrupt your progress. Don't allow those what-ifs to hinder your drive.

That country you've been wanting to visit? Go. 
Allow God to make a way.

That program you've been thinking about applying for admission? Do it.
Let His will be done.

He is faithful.

Thursday, October 15, 2015

Fall Frugal Finds

Hey fly fashion dolls! After one LONG summer, your girl finally handed in her "dissertation" (as the British call it..or masters thesis, as Americans say). Yes, I'm offically DONE with my masters in psychology! I was back in Cali for the summer, writing away, so had very little time to spend with my family and friends :(

But, fortunately, I did get to attend two weddings, witnessesing some dear friends tie the knot; fellowship with my family; and catch up a little with good friends. One highlight of my visit to Cali was meeting up with my dear friend, Seyi and catching up with this DC chic chick! We did a mini-shoot together and you'll definitely want to add her blog, In Fashion I Trust, to your list of faves!

Right before I headed to Cali, I had to do a little shopping in Londontown (yes, had to..teheh). A friend of mine invited me to a sample sale at New Look corporate office, and I picked up some amazingly frugal finds for one pound. Yes. One pound, y'all. *Note: In this post, I'm wearing only one of the items I purchased. The rest of the outfit was collected from different stores :)

DIY Denim Cut-offs: Thrifted 
When searching for the best pair of high waisted denims from your local thriftstore, here's a tip that might be helpful: search in the men's (or boys) section. The cut of the jeans often offer a better fit (especially if they are old school Levi or Gap denim).
Tan vest: River Island, 10 pounds
Gabor Oxford Shoes, Thrifted, 12 pounds
Men's Blazer, New Look, 1 pound


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