Tuesday, November 28, 2017

#BrandingforBeauty: 4 Essentials to Building Your Fashion + Beauty Brand

Hey dolls! So as some of you know, I'm a counselor by profession, and a brand + marketing consultant by practice (with a core focus on fashion and beauty brands). As my boutique consultancy has grown over the years, I've gained insight on branding (from a psychological lens) and thought I'd share a few tips for you ladies who are already in or considering taking a step into fashion and beauty industries. I'll be starting a Branding segment here on my blog (with it's extension over on my site) - so whenever you see #BrandingforBeauty, grab a notebook, tea and cake, (or pizza and wine) and let's get to work! I trust you'll gain a few tips that will take your brand to the next level.

I have quite a few tips to share, but the first of this segment will highlight the basic foundation for building your brand.

When I first started working on my first business/creative venture (@BeneathYourBeauty), I had no idea what the finish line would look like, so it was difficult for me to come up with ideas that would get me to this goal (aka brand vision). I had so many different ideas and wanted to (unrealistically) implement them all. Without a proper foundation it is almost impossible to build a successful brand.

Let’s talk about crafting your brand’s vision. First, know that in order for your brand to be successful, there must be a clear vision that informs your every move and every decision. Your brand’s vision should give a clear direction for your business/creative venture.

In this post I’m sharing 4 ways to lay the foundation for your brand.
  1. Know your why: It’s important to start developing your brand with the right reason in mind. What’s your aim? This is often referred to as your brand vision. Think (realistically) about the ultimate goal of your business/creative venture. It’s nice to say “my goal is to inspire people”. While I genuinely hope your venture does just this, dig deeper. How is it that you aim to inspire? Write down 1-3 things you want your consumer to leave with after they encounter your brand.
  2. Determine your core values: What are the core beliefs you hold that cannot be negotiated? Defining these values will help you tell your brand’s story. Values will influence how you operate, how you hire staff, and how you produce content, merchandise, or events. For example, maybe you believe that every woman is beautiful and unique; maybe you believe in Christ Jesus; perhaps you believe in the power of positive words? Take a moment to think about the beliefs and values you hold.
  3. Define your audience: I always encourage my consulting clients to write down their vision of their target audience. Think about exactly who you want your content/merchandise to reach. The more specific you are, the better.
  4. Articulate your brand promise: By far my favorite one! Now that you’ve defined your target audience, what are you promising her? Good vibes, laughter, perfect skin? Everything you do from here on out should point back to this promise.
Why is all of this so important? Because in order to begin branding your business, you need to have a clear brand framework that you can always reference. If you’re unable to work through each tip, it’s okay! Building your brand is a work in progress. Click here to access additional resources and keep an eye out for more posts in this segment! Before you leave, don't forget to subscribe to my blog (enter your email at the top right corner), and write your thoughts/questions below in the comment section! 


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Thursday, November 9, 2017

PUSH (Chasing your dreams with determination)

Lately I've been stuck in somewhere in between recognizing by dreams, and creating a strategy to (successfully) achieve them. The obvious fun fact here is that while there might not be one clear cut way to success, the clear path to failure is to sit on your dreams, and allow the weight of "what if I fail" to trap you in your "safe" place.

But what if you simply just began? What if you pushed past the fear and dove straight into the deep end going after after every single dream that has kept you up at night, that has fueled your fire, and that has given you life? I'm committing myself to pushing past fear, procrastination, "what ifs" and anything else in between that's designed to keep me from accomplishing every single vision God has so graciously placed on my heart.

I don't have a cute step-by-step guide to offer you on how to do this. But steps I can can proffer are these:

  1. Allow yourself a chance to re-dream. If you've lost sight of the vision somewhere, go back to those thoughts that set your heart on fire. If good things yielded excitement once before, surely they can be rekindled! Consistently do what you know to do.
  2. Pray for God to give you the blueprint. I taught my Sunday school students that Noah is a prime example of God laying out the strategy and provision after He provided the vision. 
  3. As you wait for the master plan, begin to build in faith. In your season of waiting for the blueprint, grab whatever resources are available to you, and go to work. (For example, I am currently in "school" again, aka, using the internet & pdf books to learn everything I need to know about building my vision...ahem..is this the blueprint?)
  4. Practice the art of patience. Your vision is a masterpiece that should be crafted diligently and carefully. Don't let the pressure of next prevent you from being present now as you wait for the vision to unfold on God's perfect timeline. I'm guilty of rushing through a season of preparation simply because of my desire for instant gratification
I had dinner with a new friend a few weeks ago (heyyy, Chinelo) who reminded me that God is so merciful He gives us time for our vision to manifest (queue Travis Greene "You Waited"). This concept of God giving us "time" is made evident in new days, new months, and new years (helloooo all the dreams that didn't happen in 2017! We're coming for you in 2018!).

Here's to stepping into the life our Maker has designed for us.

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