Thursday, February 12, 2015

Things To Do Before I'm 25

I have a love/hate relationship with birthdays. In addition to them being a joyful time to celebrate life, to spoil yourself, to reflect on blessings, for me birthdays are also a time to measure how far I've progressed. I know I just turned 24 (yaay!) but for some reason I feel so OLD! I'm knocking on 25 and 30 is only around the corner! Yikes! I've experienced so much in the past year. 23 for me was a year of growth. A year of figuring out and realizing who God wants me to be...& how He desires to use me..So 24 needs to be a year of progression & preparation to step into my role. I've spent the past few weeks mulling over a mental to do list of realistic things I want to accomplish before I hit the big 2 5 - and in writing these things out (and sharing them with you all) I can only hope it will help in keeping me accountable!

  1.  Earn my master's of science in Psychology
  2. Make a financial plan! (savings plan, budgeting plan..etc...the future is closer than I think!).
  3. Learn about investing my money (stocks, shares...all that jazz).
  4. Stay organized! Discipline my self to religiously write down life plans, business goals & career goals....As a student and passionpreneur I'm definitely organized now, but as more things come I think it's imperative that I form a system that will not only keep me organized but also keep me accountable.
  5. Perfect 5 go- to meals...I like to think I can throw down in the kitchen...but I need to perfect 5 Nigerian meals before I leave my father's house..ha! Jollof rice, pepper soup, egusi soup, stewed meat, my mother's fried rice!
  6. Create a 5 year plan...I'm all about writing down my goals- but now it's time to write out where I see myself in the next 5 year at a time (Yikes! So scary to think that I'll be 29!!! Lord, be a fence!).
  7. Attend more conferences! (women's, business, culture...etc)
  8. Perfect 2 go-to hairstyle that I know I can rock!...I love experimenting with my hair..I'm a fan of changing my hairstyle every other month & can switch from faux locs, to crochet braids, then back to a wig in a matter of weeks! But as I get older I think it will be beneficial to just switch between one or two hairstyles...(no fun!).
  9. Own at least 3 go-to outfit essentials.
    • denim jeans/blazer
    • little black dress
    • interview outfit (preferably a chic black dress)!
    • oh..can't forget classic "nude" & classic black pumps!
  10.   Learn how to make my make-up "on fleek"....I'm a fan of makeup but hardly a looks nice on people but I just can't be bothered with spending time to fill in my eyebrows and contour my cheek bones!...gotta do better so I can be "shine shine gal" (Naija accent)!
  11. Be fierce...not that fake confidence or that fake beauty...not the one where I look cute on social media but am actually a mess in real life. But the kind where I can step into a room and not be afraid to speak my mind, the kind where I'm bold enough to share my opinions, the kind where I'm not hesitant to let my personality spice up a conversation..and the kind of fierceness that will make me believe that my beauty is authentic.
  12. Learn a new almost every Californian I took Spanish in school and can speak the basics. I currently live in I told myself that I can't leave this continent without learning a new language! Oh & on that note I need to practice my native tongues! (Yes,'m Ijaw so my family's native languages are Ijaw, Obolo, and Igbo..ya girl has lots of learning to do..pray for me)!!
  13. Visit a foreign myself....get immersed in another culture, interact with new people..lose myself in the midst of brave...take risks... As Paul Coehlo said: Nothing can substitute experience. And what greater an experience than taking a risk (but a cautious one) on my own?
  14. Take on more challenges..whether that's hiking up an incredible mountain, speaking in front of a crowd, serving God in a way I never expected or planned...
  15. Be on time and stick to a schedule.

 The best thing about a to-do list is being able to cross items off once you've accomplished them.I'm excited to look at this list daily and track my progression over the next several months! (Inspired by my fab blogger friend Vic Styles)!

Outfit details:

Y'all know I had to step into 24 with class and a little sass! I wore this number to afternoon tea in Marylebone (London's West End) to celebrate my birthday :D 

Soft Pink Midi BodyCon Dress: Miss Selfridge, London | Can be found here: Miss Selfridge
Floral Print Pumps: Primark, London
Clutch: Consignment shop in Santa Barbara, CA
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