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Hey loves!
These past few weeks have been incredibly full and an absolute blessing. I traveled to Mexico to celebrate my sister's last couple months as a single lady, brought in my 27th birthday, then flew to London for yet another Beneath Your Beauty event.

I had a chance to catch up with a friend while in London (who recently launched a fashion label) and he brought it to my attention that I've been a business owner for four years *insert sweaty/smiley emoji* Truth be told, I didn't even realize it's been four whole years since launching Beneath Your Beauty and building my branding and marketing agency! God is so faithful.

One thing I wish I did when I first launched Beneath Your Beauty, is build a consumer profile. (I finally built one two years ago, and it's been so helpful in attracting a specific audience and making our content/events more niche).

What's a consumer profile (or persona)?
A consumer profile is a way of describing your ideal consumer (very specifically) in order for you to create content and/or products that specifically appeal to them. Creating consumer profiles will allow you to reach your consumers more effectively. Now, it's possible you have more than one type of ideal customer (maybe you have more than one focus area), so don't hesitate to play around and have fun when creating your consumer profiles! Without getting too much in depth, I'm sharing things to consider when building your consumer profile.

5 Things to Consider When Creating Your Consumer Profile:

  1. What she values: It's important to have an idea of what your ideal consumer values. This can honestly be anything. Maybe she values family time, saving money, getting to see the world, or equality. Making this determination will enable you to deliver content directly in line with her values.
  2. How she spends her time: Think about a day in her shoes. Where does she go after work?  How does she prioritize her time? How much time does she spend browsing through social media?
  3. How she shops (clothes, food, household): This is my favourite one because I'm an avid shopper. You're ideal consumer probably is too. Consider whether she shops online, in stores, (or in her friend's closets). What are her favourite stores? If you're building a fashion brand, where does get her fashion inspiration?
  4. Her current status (demographic): Where does your ideal consumer live? Is she in a particular age bracket? Is she employed or in school? If so, where? Consider where she works and how much she might earn (hint: this will help you determine your price points if you are selling any content/products).
  5. Her dreams and aspirations: It's also important to cater to the woman your ideal consumer aspires to become. Consider her hopes and dreams and deliver content that will help her reach her personal full potential.
These points might seem overwhelming at first glance. Don't be afraid to have more than one consumer profile (maybe you aspire to reach more than one type of person). You might also consider allowing your brand to evolve as your ideal consumer also evolves. Why is this all so important? Because in order for your niche content or product to have an impact, you have to identify a clear target. Click here to access additional resources and keep an eye out for more posts in this segment! 


When I first began my blog back in 2013 (a few days after graduating from college), I was committed to sharing the real of being a twenty-something, chasing dreams, and knocking on every door. Unfortunately, some of the journey comes with disappointment and hard lessons you have to master if you want to make it.

So let's get back to that. In this post I want to share a lesson that's dear to my heart: how I learned to stop waiting for people to clap for me.
THIS. I hope y'all hear me and get this.

For a while I felt severely under-appreciated in almost all aspects of my life. Forget the fact that I felt so underwhelmed by the level of support I was receiving from  friends. Let me tell y' was rough. During the times I completed a task, submitted a project proposal, or produced content/events, the room was silent. I would look around and expect the people around me to cheer me on and rejoice as I crossed the finish line. The silence was deafening. The people I thought cared did not show up for me in the way I expected. After a while I resolved to take a break from creativity. Because if no one cares about your success there's obviously no point in trying right? Wrong. (I hope you didn't nod your head in agreement there. But if you did, I'm here for you #bossgirl).
I only grew more frustrated trying to figure it all out. I had questions: I'm doing so well, why won't you clap for me? I'm living out my dream, do you see me? I'm trying to impress you, why don't you care?

I allowed their silence to stifle my growth.

Then one day I realized I couldn't sit on the desires that God had given me. I had to take a step back and go back to my why. I had to heal and learn to love myself enough to use my gifts. I learned to understand that I was not creating nor was I created to please others. That my efforts were still powerful despite who was watching. So I kept creating without waiting for people to validate me. I continued to share my gifts as though I were unrestrained. I kept diving in, showing up, and vowing to show out, without expecting a round of applause.

If we aren't careful we can spend our entire life sitting on our dreams and talents because we expect from people what they have no authority to give us: validation. Now is the time to realize how invaluable you are and walk with the understanding that your work is meaningful despite who sees your efforts.
Remember your success is in your why, not in the level of noise people make when you achieve great things.

Rooted at it all, I later realized, was a desire to please others. I had neglected my number one assignment: to please God.

You're living your life for an audience of one - God. And so long as you're doing all that you can with everything He has given you, proceed in clapping for yourself without man's approval. We have to stop expecting people to give us what only God can give us: validation. Your ultimate reward for being obedient and using the talents He has blessed you with lies in heaven.

Believe me, the ones who did clap were ever so present. They encouraged me to do more, keep pushing, and dream bigger. They motivated me to do greater exploits with what God gave me.
Stop waiting for those who don't cheer you on. Start listening to those who tell you to dream bigger and do more. Work to please God and watch your joy rise.

Thou art worthy, O Lord, to receive glory and honour and power: for thou hast created all things, and for thy pleasure they are and were created.

- Revelation 4:11

Hey loves! I haven't done a just style post on my blog in ages! I'll be starting a section on my blog focusing on style tips, particularly for petite women, like moi! So when you guys see "HowtoPetite" headlining a post, get ready for style tips! (Fun fact, I'm actually 5 feet tall and quite slim, but I have to admit that the camera probably does a great job of deceiving y'all lol). If you're like me, you've probably struggled to search for clothes that are professional and/or segciii without looking like a bag of potatoes (lol). Well, I got you boo!

I'm kicking off this #howtopetite installment with my new favorite closet add-on: culottes. In the past couple months, I've added 3 pairs to my closet (it's safe to say that I'm almost obsessed). Culottes are typically known to fall right at the calve, but for us over here on the shorter side, the length can be over exaggerated, so usually deemed a no-no for us petite girls. I've shared a few style tips to make your culotte wearing more fun (especially if your favorite store does not have a petite collection).

  1. Boost the length of your legs by showing some skin and wearing a heeled shoe. I chose rose gold straps for these white trousers. Matching your shoes to your skin as best as you can make your legs appear longer. By allowing a bit of skin to peak out below the ankle (or sticking with nude tones), you lengthen your legs a bit more.
  2. Go for high waisted culottes and balance the volume. When I wear culottes I have to admit that I sometimes feel like I'm getting lost in the garment (lol). Because of all the volume at the bottom of the culottes, it can feel a bit baggy. To avoid this, I always go for high waisted culottes and paired them with a tucked in blouse that shows the waistline. This slightly accentuates my figure and lengthens the body (for those of us who have a shorter torso).
  3. Keep it monochrome and match your pants. Finally, depending on the look you're going for, you can never go wrong with matching your culottes and your top. For this look, I went a white top for a monochromatic look (which usually always works to make me look/feel more chic and mature), paired with a colored tweed blazer which was fitted so it worked to define my body and complement the contrasting wider bottoms. I loved how when pieced together this outfit produced what I like to call "the monochrome effect" (or the "jumpsuit effect"). Monochrome (wearing one color/shade) typically makes you appear taller and more slender. The monochrome theme really made the set look as though it were all one piece. I got tons of compliments and got super excited when people said they loved my "jumpsuit"!

I hope this was a tad helpful for some of y'all! Let me know where you girls shop for culottes! (I obviously need to add more to my closet). Oh and you can see other ways I've styled culottes here and here. Happy styling!


Culottes: Topshop (shop similar style here)
Ivory Strappy Cami: Miss Selfridge (shop here)
Short Jacket: H&M (shop similar style here)


Okay so we are nine whole days into the new year, and while some of us felt the high of inspiration during the first few days of the month, that inspiration has died down for others. You might still talk about your goals and share them with others (because this makes them more real, right)? But after a while, your lack of discipline and your desire for inspiration will hold you right where you are and keep your goals from coming to fruition (reality check!). It's true that you can't always feel inspired, creative, or motivated. We can't always depend on this high to fuel our work. You can have every intention to thrive and accomplish every task, but if you never discipline yourself to sit down and work, honestly, you might never achieve what you need.

Let's talk about discipline:
Discipline is more than motivation. Discipline pushes past the desire to quit when inspiration or motivation run out. Discipline is the habit of acting in the moment based on a decision you made in advance, regardless of your feelings. It's the action that binds you by your will, not your emotions. - She's Still There by Chrystal Evans Hurst
Through my experiences with my brand and with clients, I’ve worked out tips to stay disciplined so that your brand (and you) can flourish this year (even when you feel like hope is lost).

1. Implement the "first five minutes rule":

My friend and client, Mahawa Kamara (founder of The Soap Connoisseur) recently told me about the “first 5 minutes rule” she started implementing. She schedules time to work on a task and in that first five minutes she must work on it, non stop. This is for tasks you’ve been reluctant to do because they might seem difficult or overwhelming. Do it any way…commit to working for just 5 minutes. Oftentimes you’ll find that an hour has passed and you’ve actually completed your task!

Check out The Soap Connoisseur here.

2. Create a routine and be consistent:

Online (as a brand): If you’re a fashion or beauty brand, creating a routine is similar both online and offline. Your goal is to build trust with your followers, so a routine is extremely beneficial. Set up a specific time to post to your social media accounts (this can be daily or any day or time you choose) Maybe you create a routine of posting to your social media account every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at 8am and 12pm (hint hint…these are great peak times to post online!). 
Another routine measure you can consider is creating a set time to respond to emails, send out newsletters, or check in with customers/clients. Whatever it is you choose to do, be consistent.

With my brand, Beneath Your Beauty, I’ve found that creating a consistent routine with our social media content + events helps to keep our audience engaged and expectant of what’s to come.

*Check out our Instagram here

Offline (personal development): Creating a consistent routine offline can be something as simple as waking up every day at 8am and getting out of bed immediately; going on a run every morning before work; or maybe a little be more complex like dedicating the last hour of your day to reading and studying instead of scrolling through social media. Over the past several years, I've committed to not checking my email or text messages first thing in the morning, and instead dedicated my first and last hours to devotion and quiet time.

I’ve found that committing to one thing every day and doing it the same way, helps to keep me organized and work more efficiently.

3. Remove anything negative from your life and get rid of anything you might call a temptation. 

Delete and block! You don't have to see everything! You don't need everything in your presence, especially if it is draining your energy or causing self-doubt. As my friend and client Raj Will mentioned, be weary of only consuming content when you should be creating.

Check out his work here.

4. Get an accountability partner:

There’s nothing wrong with sharing your goals, with the right people of course. Share your goals/to-do list with at least one person who can hold you accountable and perhaps even give you deadlines for certain tasks.

I had the opportunity to chat with Federica Boaeteng, founder of Fash.Ed. When speaking about my goals, she literally gave me dates for which she wanted to see me accomplish them! In an effort to keep my word, I’ve been fervently working to meet these deadlines.

Check out Fash.Ed here.

I know there can be times where we feel uninspired to move forward with our visions (even in light of the “new year, new me” rhetoric). Yes we’ve all proclaimed that this year we will work harder, stay up later, and dream bigger. But how do we do this when we feel blatantly uninspired. How do we keep building our brand when it seems like absolutely no one is paying attention? Try applying these measure and watch and see you and your brand flourish in the right direction. Happy New Year, loves!


When I read the word "stubborn" I quickly contemplated whether I should be on defense mode and come quick with a rebuttal. In an effort to remain calm I decided to breathe and actually read her full message rather than focus on this one word that jumped out of the screen. But she called me stubborn

The word "stubborn" was a trigger word. It carries a negative connotation making us immediately think of someone who is hard headed and not necessarily tough minded. Here's a quick dictionary definition:



having or showing dogged determination not to change one's attitude or position on something, especially in spite of good arguments or reasons to do so.

But her calling me stubborn was a good thing. My dear friend and long-time client said these words to me that lifted my spirits and shifted my perspective:
"I was thinking about you and how you are so stubborn about your faith and pursuing what God has for you...and I gingered myself up. Thank you."

My heart melted. See 2017 put me in such a position that forced me to become more tough minded than I have ever been -- about my faith and about what I just know God has spoken over me. When life throws curveballs at you from every angle, when God gracefully but firmly places you into a fiery furnace, we have two choices:

  1. Give up quickly and let go of everything you've ever believed. Get. Out. Now.
  2. Be stubborn; let the fire help you to develop tougher skin and an even tougher mind. 
Time and time again option number 1 has looked like the easier and more seamless choice. Of course giving up is easy (especially if the situation is definitely looking like you miiight not win). You no longer have to fight. You no longer have to show up every day, no matter how bleak things look. You no longer have to believe that what you are waiting for will come to pass. That's easy! And who doesn't want a simple and carefree option? You'd be free to live you life no longer waiting.

But let's talk about option 2. Being stubborn. When God allows you to be in these seasons that require your attention, strength, and resiliency, He matches your circumstance by equipping you with the mental and spiritual fortitude to withstand. He allows you to become stubborn; never forgetting His promises, always clinging to that strand of faith that screams out "God is faithful! And He will do it in His time!"

But being stubborn in spite of your seemingly hopeless circumstance requires more than just a tough mind. It requires grit. Stubbornness commands an attitude of courage: that is, stepping out in action in order to match your perspective of faith. 

After I re-read my friend's message I settled on her description of me. I was happy with it! But I soon snapped back to reality. I don't want to be known as just stubborn. I want to described as someone who has grit (that is courage, boldness, resolve, and strength of character).

Can we agree on something, dear reader? Let's drop options 1 and 2 real quick! When we're placed in situations that require our attention and challenge our faith, let's respond with more than just a stubborn attitude. Let's approach every circumstance stubborn and courageous.

Next time I want them to say "she is stubborn and has grit". They won't just call me stubborn.


Tuck Seam Blouse: Topshop (shop here)
Cropped Wide Legged Trousers: Topshop (shop style here)
Rose Gold Strapped Heels: Primark
Joy Brushed Silver Mesh Watch: Kapten & Sons (shop here)

I wore this ensemble to a Nubian Skin brunch event I attended. I had the pleasure of working closely with the founder/CEO, Ade Hassan and assisting my dearest mentor Connie Jackson on the day. Be sure and check out the brand, Nubian Skin ladies!


Lately I've been really into monochromatic looks, trousers, and all black. I went on a shopping haul a few weeks ago (okay when I say "haul" I mean I bought 2 items because my bank asked me to calm down). When I picked up these wide-legged trousers from H&M I couldn't wait to pair them with this Forever 21 black turtle neck. As a petite girl, all black makes me appear more slender, and the wide-legged trousers gives me the appearance of "legs for days!" To complete, the monochromatic look, I carried a berry red handbag for the final pop of color.

How to wear all black? Confidently and with a pop of color.

In light of adding some sass to your wardrobe, let's chat about adding value to your community, shall we!

I recently had dinner with a friend of mine (in my all black ensemble but of course). He recently moved to another state for work and we got on the subject of making new friends, and rebuilding community in his new home. In conversation, he gently asked if I were part of a community. See, I pride myself in "doing bad all by myself." In my ability to balance counseling, entrepreneurship, and a "social life" (aka lack thereof). So coyly, I shook my head "no" to answer my friend's question.

Then more stern this time, my friend emphasized the value of being a part of one. This question really made me think -- about the importance of community, my community, and the greater question: how to build a community.

In the Bible, we read several scriptures highlighting the importance of community. In Genesis 2:18, God points out that "it is not good for man to be alone;" Hebrews 10 discusses the importance of encouraging one another; and 1 John 1 advocates for having fellowship with one another.

As Christians we are called to support, love, and grow...together. We're called to blend our lives, not balance busy. We can't do it alone.

Now when building your brand (or even developing yourself as an individual) the essence of community is not to be overlooked. Community is encouraging, life giving, and helps to strengthen.
I've shared 3 tips below on ways to build your community (which can be applied to your brand or your personal life).

Always (actively) engage: 

  • As a brand, you likely use social media to reach your target audience. In order to build community in this space, be sure you are actively engaging with your audience/followers. Be present; express your thoughts by not only liking photos, but also writing comments. It goes a long way to also reply to comments posted under your product photos. The goal is for followers to see that you are present and that they are visible.
  • As an individual: it's likely that there are people around you who reach out to you! Avoid isolating yourself and try saying "yes" to a dinner party invitation, or one on one coffee dates. While you're there, be present. Do you best to carry conversations, and show that you care by listening and responding.

Collaboration is key: 

  • As a brand: A great way to ignite more conversation is through collaboration. Find a blogger/brand ambassador/influencer that mirrors your values and pair up! Curate a giveaway or a blog post. Team up to charter a social media campaign. Collaboration lets your audience know that you are plugged in and care about the greater mission that's backing your brand's story. Also, its a fun and easy way to build buzz around your brand!
  • As an individual: The festive season is upon us! This is the time of year for not only celebrating, but also giving. Team up with friends and family to give back to the community. (Hint: gathering your small group to feed/give to families in need?) Work together to celebrate the reason for the season by organizing a holiday party. It's true that two heads are better than one!

Be inclusive (and kind): 

  • As a brand: Strive to make people feel like they can be a part of something special. Take a look at your target audience personas and make sure each person is being reached in your messaging and imagery.
  • As an individual: Invite everyone! (Well, not everyone...keep it safe, y'all). When in conversation, make an effort to make sure you've included everyone you're out with. Spare the one-on-one conversation for duo coffee dates. If you're the shy type (like me), make an intentional effort to approach a (small) group of people and get involved!
What have you tried when building your community? Let's get engaged! Share with us in the comments below! :)


Hey dolls! So as some of you know, I'm a counselor by profession, and a brand + marketing consultant by practice (with a core focus on fashion and beauty brands). As my boutique consultancy has grown over the years, I've gained insight on branding (from a psychological lens) and thought I'd share a few tips for you ladies who are already in or considering taking a step into fashion and beauty industries. I'll be starting a Branding segment here on my blog (with it's extension over on my site) - so whenever you see #BrandingforBeauty, grab a notebook, tea and cake, (or pizza and wine) and let's get to work! I trust you'll gain a few tips that will take your brand to the next level.

I have quite a few tips to share, but the first of this segment will highlight the basic foundation for building your brand.

When I first started working on my first business/creative venture (@BeneathYourBeauty), I had no idea what the finish line would look like, so it was difficult for me to come up with ideas that would get me to this goal (aka brand vision). I had so many different ideas and wanted to (unrealistically) implement them all. Without a proper foundation it is almost impossible to build a successful brand.

Let’s talk about crafting your brand’s vision. First, know that in order for your brand to be successful, there must be a clear vision that informs your every move and every decision. Your brand’s vision should give a clear direction for your business/creative venture.

In this post I’m sharing 4 ways to lay the foundation for your brand.
  1. Know your why: It’s important to start developing your brand with the right reason in mind. What’s your aim? This is often referred to as your brand vision. Think (realistically) about the ultimate goal of your business/creative venture. It’s nice to say “my goal is to inspire people”. While I genuinely hope your venture does just this, dig deeper. How is it that you aim to inspire? Write down 1-3 things you want your consumer to leave with after they encounter your brand.
  2. Determine your core values: What are the core beliefs you hold that cannot be negotiated? Defining these values will help you tell your brand’s story. Values will influence how you operate, how you hire staff, and how you produce content, merchandise, or events. For example, maybe you believe that every woman is beautiful and unique; maybe you believe in Christ Jesus; perhaps you believe in the power of positive words? Take a moment to think about the beliefs and values you hold.
  3. Define your audience: I always encourage my consulting clients to write down their vision of their target audience. Think about exactly who you want your content/merchandise to reach. The more specific you are, the better.
  4. Articulate your brand promise: By far my favorite one! Now that you’ve defined your target audience, what are you promising her? Good vibes, laughter, perfect skin? Everything you do from here on out should point back to this promise.
Why is all of this so important? Because in order to begin branding your business, you need to have a clear brand framework that you can always reference. If you’re unable to work through each tip, it’s okay! Building your brand is a work in progress. Click here to access additional resources and keep an eye out for more posts in this segment! Before you leave, don't forget to subscribe to my blog (enter your email at the top right corner), and write your thoughts/questions below in the comment section! 


Ruffle Sleeve Mock Neck Top: Forever 21 (shop here)
Cropped Trousers: Zara (shop here)
Sock Satin Ankle Boots (in black): Topshop (shop here)
Joy Brushed Silver Mesh Watch: Kapten & Sons (shop here)

PHOTOGRAPhy BY Will Charles Media

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