Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Put a Praise On It (4 Ways to Achieve Your Goals)

When I was a 7 year old I had this annoying habit of putting on my best British accent around my family and friends and asking "would you like some tea?" I always dreamed of living in London and everyone around me knew it.

At age 10, my 5th grade teacher asked us to write down our future careers on our "About Me" poster. Of course I wrote down,"psychologist." (I found this poster in my garage a few months ago and laughed at how detailed this "About Me" poster was!)

Fast forward many years later. I was blessed with an opportunity which allowed me to live London for 2 years, and I currently (among many trades and jobs) work as a therapist and counselor. (Praise Him!)

I've begun understand the power of words (especially when coupled with actions). I developed the habit of not only preparing to achieve my goals, but also proclaiming them and believing that they will come to fruition. At the start of this year (well 18 days ago lol) I started to apply the below methods once more and I wanted to share with you all in hopes that all of our visions and goals will manifest in due season.

4 Ways to Successfully Achieve Your Goals

1. Declare it, out loud. Speak your goals out to yourself, your friends and your family. Repeat them verbally until you start to internalise it. Remember your words shape your thoughts which shape your behaviours, which shape your actions (which in turn, shape your achievements). 

2. Write it (the vision). Always write your goals down in a place you can see it. Write in your journal (and also outline clear and practical steps), write on a white board or poster in your bedroom, write it on a small piece of paper and stick it in your wallet (I usually tape my note to my laptop or on my desk at work). Habakkuk 2:2

3. Prepare for it. Create habits and routines that will allow you to ease into your goal. This might be waking up early, getting organized/managing your time, writing and reading more, or loving and serving more. Make sure your method of preparation is intentional and realistic. Is your goal to travel this year? Start a savings plan. Is your goal to make a career switch? Set up informational interviews with people in your dream profession or take the necessary educational steps. You have to prepare for what you pray for, right?

4. Put a praise on it. Start already praising God for giving you the grace to pursue (and achieve) what He has so fervently placed on your heart. Rejoice and give thanks for the obstacles. failures, and big (and small) victories along the way. Believe with all your heart that whatever you are asking of God will manifest (Mark 11:24).


What I'm Wearing:

I brought in the year with this tulle skirt via Charlotte Russe via and a blush velvet dress, worn as a top ;) via H&M

Photos by: Melissa C. Olguin | @melcolguin


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