Wednesday, April 20, 2022

Letting Go Does Not Mean You Have Failed

I recently had a conversation with my life coach who asked me why I thought it was difficult to let go of a project I had started about 6 years ago. Of course, I offered her a profound answer saying “Oh, I’m not done with it yet.” But can I be honest? Deep down I knew that if I announced that I was letting it go, I’d feel like a failure and that I was disassociating myself with the thing that [I felt] strongly defined me. 

I’m learning that the act of release does not diminish the core of who you are, nor should it point to the fallacy of failure.

But rather the alchemy of release highlights your ability and acceptance of new, profound space for the person you are, opportunities you attract, and love you permit yourself to embrace…right here..right now.

So, practice release as often and as radically as your growth permits. Release creates room for abundance. Let abundance be your norm.


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