About Joy

Joy Ubani, is a Nigerian-American blogger, high school counselor, founder of Beneath Your Beauty and director and lead brand and marketing consultant at Branding by Beauty, a full service consulting agency with a core focus on fashion, cosmetics and print brands. 

My journey with fashion, branding, and PR began shortly after earning my bachelor's degree in English and Psychology. During my free time, I spent a year working as a PR intern then assistant in Los Angeles while juggling my full time jobs as a recording secretary for the City, and my role as Director of Programs + Counselor  for The Ruby Projecta non-profit aiding teen girls with backgrounds of trauma. 

That year, I also celebrated the launch of a campaign and social enterprise for a cause most dear to my heart— the empowerment of women and development of self-confidence. To this end, through Beneath Your Beauty, I produced my first fashion show and confidence workshop in 2014. 

Not one to settle, I moved away from Los Angeles to pursue two of my life long dreams: live in London and earn a graduate degree in psychology. While in London, I had the opportunity to merge fashion and psychology -- conducting market research, developing brand and social media strategy, and creating campaigns for new businesses in London, Milan, and Liberia. I did this while maintaining my role with The Ruby Project, mentoring and counseling teenage girls simultaneously.

Beneath Your Beauty has since evolved and we continue to host events, now in London. While its mission remains the same, we now provide an online and offline learning network supporting women in fashion, beauty, and media through mentoring, branding masterclasses, and confidence workshops. 

Through my work with each individual brand, each Beneath Your Beauty participant, and each blog reader, I aspire to influence women and remind her that she is fully equipped to rise up, sit enthroned, and cloth herself with strength and confidence. (Ref: Isaiah 52:1-2).

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