Tuesday, May 14, 2019

The Truth about Being a Multi-hyphenate Pt. 2

Thanks for coming back for the second part of this blog post!

Your questions

If you've kept up with me via Instagram, you may have taken on the chance to ask me your questions which I'm excitedly answering here.

Q: Did you have a gap between your 9 to 5 and your entrepreneurial journey?

A: No. As I mentioned, I ran my "hobby" alongside my full time job. Before handing in my notice, I had a project in Paris and London with a brand, Bifuko, so at the time, I was preparing to travel abroad to work on their launch campaign.

Q: Did you always want to be self-employed?

A: I think the short answer is yes. Initially, I wanted to run my own private practice as a psychologist. 

Q: What lesson has taken you the longest to learn?

A: I love this question! I love it because I want all of us to learn this (and master it early on). The lesson that has taken me the longest to learn is knowing my worth/what I bring to the table, setting my rates based on this, and having the courage to ask for it.

Q: How did you find strength to keep going when it gets tough?

A: Discipline, grace, and accountability. I learned to discipline myself early on to accomplish certain tasks, even when I don't feel like it. For example, I'll create a schedule or "Intention List" at the start of each week. I'll include tasks on there such as going on a morning run (to set a routine), posting on Instagram (to build brand visibility), reaching out to a brand or client (for a collaboration or to secure potential work). In the same vein, I remember to be gracious to myself. If there are days where I need to rest, eat ice cream and take a trip down to Topshop, I do so. I cannot come and kill myself, because trust me, it does get tough. To top all of this off, having an accountability partner is helpful. Maybe that's a close friend or family member you can share your goals with, or a fellow entrepreneur who is working on similar tasks. I have two friends and a dear sister and check in with each of them, respectively (and reciprocally) for emotional support, to share our resources, and to climb the ladder together.

Q: Are you making a steady income now?

A: Yes! Praise break!! This is something I prayed about for a while...and something I continue to include in my prayers. I work as a contractor with certain brands, while maintaining clients for my own business. Though, I'm still learning and will soon master the art of acknowledging and charging my worth.

Q: What is your ultimate goal?

A: Sigh -- my (fitness) trainer asked me this yesterday and I was surprised I couldn't answer fast enough! My goals are evolving, honestly. As I discover more about my skills, my character, and what excites me, my goals shift and are more clear. Short term, I'd like to see Beneath Your Beauty events grow to attract and impact more people. Long term, my goal is to own my own clothing brand (watch out, Zara); marry a fine, attentive, and God-fearing chocolate man, own a beautiful home or three, and vacation often. 😁 I'd also love to have the ability to practice law if I wanted to and provide counseling if I needed to....All this in no particular order...*ahem.

My ultimate goal is really helping people grow into confidence and thrive in life. I'm embracing and at peace with taking a different route to achieve this goal. Because God is my father, I realize that abundance is my birthright...I have been so blessed with multiple talents, and my heart yearns to use them all and bring Him fruit.

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