Tuesday, June 18, 2013

"Measuring" Up in the Workplace: Defying the 'Size-ist'

Tiny. Small. Skinny. Short. Fun-size. Petite. And my all time favorite, “cute.”
The last one is usually used to describe a puppy, kitten, or a small child. Not a grown woman with a Bachelor’s degree.
Those terms have conditioned me to be in a perpetual state of ‘small-ness’ or immaturity (in the eyes of those who reference me like so). 
Let me explain the self-fulfilling prophecy: essentially, a prediction about someone (in this case) that will indirectly or directly become true because of the prophecy itself. This prophecy can evoke certain behaviors and demeanor that will in turn pose as true. 
Lately, I've been feeling as though not everyone takes me seriously in the work place—that I am not allotted the same amount of respect that my colleagues are given. By regarding me as “cute” and “fun-size” you are clearly not regarding me as capable to take on the same responsibilities as someone who may be taller, fatter, and bigger than me. 
So for all of my ladies out there who are small in stature but mighty in thoughts and ambition: do not be discouraged when you walk into an interview and the receptionist looks at you as if you’re lost. Do not pay mind when people question your authority in the work place. But, keep doing what you’re doing. Don’t let people down play your degree and qualifications because of your size. Trust me, one of the easiest ways to allow yourself to fail is by thinking you can’t do something because you “look young.”
Use your youthfulness to your advantage! Surprise your employers— let them be in awe of you! Let them be encouraged by you and let them come to YOU for advise in the work place. 
Avoid letting people address you in ways that will perpetuate a label that diminishes your quality.

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