Friday, September 6, 2013

"I thought I would be rich instantaneously after I crossed the stage"-Leah Smith

After "shopping" one day, my friend Leah and I joked around...laughing at ourselves because certain things were not within our price range of $Free.00. In all these years we never expected to be broke after college. Looking back, we had more freedom to spend money during our time living in the dorms than we do now! Leah and I lamented, wondering why we did not become rich right after graduation. But the reality is, we are just two of many 20something-year-olds pursing success and fortune.

20s are a process, not a surprise party. You don't just walk into the door & all of a sudden your calling jumps out from behind the couch

I was not a teenager who believed that my calling would suddenly jump out from behind the couch and present itself to me. I was the teenager who thought I already knew what that calling was. As early as age 10, whenever people asked me what I wanted to do, or what I wanted to be, I would give them a straightforward answer: Doctorate in Psychology and family therapy. 

Believe it or not, that answer has drastically changed within the past few months. As I begin to discover my true talents and strengths, I stray away from my career goal and blindly aim at something else entirely. My graduate school research has ventured off into as many things as business school, law school, public policy, social welfare and finally Industrial and Organizational psychology. 

After getting rejected from my safety graduate school I began to think that maybe this wasnot God's plan for me after all. All this to say that sometimes the reality is, failure and trials come before great success. 

In all of this I find myself trying harder to maintain strong faith and believe that God will do just what he said He will do. My God is not a god of confusion, lies or errors. My God is the god of wisdom and prosperity. 

I believe strongly that this is only a season not meant to last for long. I know that God will make clear whatever path He will lead me on. 

So, to my fellow 20somethings/recent grads:
1. You're not alone!
2. Success doesn't come immediately after you walk across the stage
3. Keep persisting! Although you might fail until you find your niche, success readily awaits you. 
3. Persevere-- because you have "what it takes."


  1. Amen! Just remember that IJN your set back is a set you for your come up!!!!!


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