Wednesday, October 9, 2013

"It Usually Doesn't Rain in Southern Californiaaa" -- Werking in the Rain

If you're anything like me, you probably do not like cold & rainy days... If you're not, you most likely embrace the rain, get out there and shine. 

Well it takes a little extra for me to do all that (lol). Today was the first real day of Autumn out here in SoCal (Pomona area). The leaves are all tan, the sky was dim, and rain poured down from the sky. If I was going to get up, get out, and go today, I needed a little brightness in my life! 
On days like these, I like adding a little color to my wardrobe...add your favorite Fall accessory, and BAM! --you're ready to shine, despite the cold.. Lol

Here, I'm wearing a Michael Jackson inspired crew neck sweater, black shorts with nylon leggings (kept me slightly warm), Steve Madden booties, my lovely quilted purse that I brought back from England, and my favorite flower-print umbrella (also from England). 

How do you werk on rainy days, so you can work?


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