Saturday, October 1, 2016


Hi my loves!

These past few months have been absolutely insane. I spent sometime working on a few different projects and I'm just wrapping things up now. A couple months ago I worked on team Ruby Project to coordinate an annual summer retreat for girls with backgrounds of trauma (highlights here), then flew to London for Beneath Your Beauty (my baby! an event focused on connecting self-esteem to fashion, beauty, and entrepreneurship), then travelled (just for a tiny bit). 

In my busy season, I've loved, I've failed, I've learned, and I've grown. Going to London always puts things into perspective for me and God has used this time to teach me so much (and believe me...I've written and rewritten this blog post countless time because I just did not how/what to share). Here are some of the lessons I thought I'd share:
  • God's timing is perfect. (and He doesn't need our help to perfect it). Our job is to simply step aside and do things His way while waiting for what He's promised to manifest. 
  • Let go. Oftentimes there are some things [people, emotions, habits that] we need to let go of before we can move into a new space - before what has been manifested in the spiritual can manifest in the physical.
  • Believe in your beauty. God created us in His image & we are fearfully and wonderfully made -- and we have no choice but to walk with confidence, our head held high, and act accordingly. God called us to be beautiful in our words, our grace, and our joy so that we may be a light to others. Believe in your beauty so you can confidently and authentically walk in your purpose. Your beauty is unique, intentional, and should be shared with the world

What I'm Wearing 

Top (which is actually a dress!): Asos 
Kente Skirt: Custom made in London (designed by moi)
Shoes: River Island

Photos by Tiffany Jewels


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