Sunday, July 17, 2016

#ExpressYoSelf (Pattern Mixing)

Ever feel sick & tired of the norm? That's exactly how I've been feeling lately lol.

I've been learning a lot about comfort zones, restrictions, limitations, obstacles, and self-expression. I've been paying attention to what gives me true joy: experiences, people, clothes. I've found that I find pleasure in the mundane, in the unordinary, and in things that simply might not make sense to anyone else.

Bright colors make me truly giddy.
Audiobooks give me life (and ease my forever long commutes to and from work).
Sunflowers brighten my day.
Taking walks on a smoldering hot summer day (while wearing my fave shorts and crop top) make me happy.
Going to brunch on Sunday with new friends.
Date night strolls through Old Town Pasadena.
Planning a visit to my second home (Londontown, of course).
Early mornings with Jesus.
Mixed and matched printed outfits (tehe).

This outfit was inspired by my need for self-expression. I loved the first look (worn to church) because of it's brightness. The color block off the shoulder top paired with white wide-legged pants, to me, screamed "Hey, y'all! Do you see me!?" Lol.

The later outfit (worn to Sunday brunch with friends..same day lol), to me, was like "Hey, y'all! I'm over here just trying to be carefree and magical!" Lol.

But anyway, my loves, be free. Express yourselves. Don't be boxed in by comfort zones, "norms", and forget about these things that might try to tell you how to express yourself (in style, and in life).

Outfit details:
Top: Zara
White Trousers: Thrifted
Black & White Printed Shorts: H&M
Black Sandals: Primark (London)



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