Saturday, November 26, 2016

He's Not Petty

A friend of mine recently brought this to my attention when talking about blessings and lessons we encounter in our respective journies. I asked my friend if he believed God dealt with us according to what our sins deserved. My sweet friend paused at my question and replied, "Joy...God is not petty..."

I had to stop for a quick praise break! That really hit home for me. God is not a man that He should treat us as our actions indicate. He is not out to "give us a taste of our own medicine." Rather, He aims to love us (while rebuking us), and shower us with the very best of blessings.

The reality is, when God takes something away from us, it hurts. We bargain with God. We ponder the what ifs, the shoulds, woulds, and coulds. But what we fail to take joy in is the fact that something great might just possibly be en route. We loathe being patient (lol..well let me speak for myself..the waiting is seriously my least favourite in this journey called life).

God is great at giving and taking away....But when He takes something away He'll never fail to slide through with an upgrade. Imagine what you had, but bigger and better. Imagine what you had, but gifted to you when you are actually ready. He's not petty and not trying to play us, so just wait on it! :D

What I'm Wearing:

I had the pleasure of shooting this look with Will, an extremely talented LA based photographer!
Insta: @Will_CPhotos

T-Shirt Dress: Forever 21
Distressed Denim Jeans: New Look (London)
Orange Pumps: Aldo
Blush Watch: River Island (London)
Gold Choker: Aldo
White Backpack: Zara



  1. "God is great at giving and taking away....But when He takes something away He'll never fail to slide through with an upgrade. "

    Absolutely love this and its absolutely true. Whatever it is you're waiting for Joy (I see its your least favorite lol), know God will surely come through. I've also become so absolutely certain in recent weeks that nothing is a waste in God. I'm seeing how God is taking things I've invested so much time & energy in (everything from projects to relationships) and literally saying 'plotwist' and reworking everything I thought I'd lost. God not only "works out everything for our good". He REworks everything we've put our hands and heart in. Nothing is a waste... Keep that in mind.

    I enjoyed reading this AND enjoyed pictures of serious the outfit slay. Clearly this is not a game. lol. <3 <3

  2. edit: enjoyed pictures of *the serious outfit slay


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