Thursday, June 21, 2018

7 Truths about Self-Employment + Building Your Personal Brand

#Bossgirl. A hashtag that you've likely seen more times than you cared to. A familiar one that I have to admit carries less weight since I actually became self-employed...or a boss girl. If I'm being honest, I never really intended to be a #bossgirl so soon. It was my human plan to work my way up the ladder, and eventually start saying "I'm my own boss" when I became a highly sought after fashion marketing guru and public relations maven. As chance would have it, here I am, a #bossgirl. Believe me, this new title has been a learning process every step of the way. Let me preface the rest of this post by saying that I love my job and I actually can't see myself doing anything other than brand consulting, marketing and public relations for fashion, beauty, and wellness brands. I realize daily that this is my dream job. And it is so only by the grace of God. Seriously. But, there are some things I wish I knew about self-employment before I jumped ship. This post only grazes the surface.

  1. You will feel fear: It's almost inevitable. I've come to realize that while you're on the pursuit of self-employment, feeling fear is not absent from the journey. As confident as you might be while you're on the journey there are moments when fear will come knocking. For me, fear kicks in during times where I'm tasked to make a big decision, one that impacts myself and my (one amazing) employee. But when you feel the fear, do the task anyway. Take that leap regardless. No matter the outcome, the reward is knowing you've done it and not held back.
  2. You can't leave anything up to chance: When I think of self-employment, the first words that come to mind are action and reaction. Every step you take will have an outcome, be it positive or negative. People fail to realize that the first step in becoming self-employed is being accountable taking that leap...whether you have everything figured out or not. If you work in an industry that makes your job dependent on securing clients, producing content, building a can't survive on chance and hoping for favorable results. You get what you put in.
  3. You must find time to rest: Being self-employed does not mean you are trading your 9-5 for a 9-9 (or whatever they say), it means you are learning to manage your time, prioritize tasks, and rest when the burden gets heavy. (Matthew 11:28). There really is such thing as being a workaholic. But don't give in to the hype of cultivating a 24 hour work environment. Avoid burnout and be mindful about setting time out for rest. After all, if you want to give your clients your very best, how can you pour from an empty vessel?
  4. It's okay necessary to set boundaries (with clients and with family): I absolutely love getting phone calls, text messages, and emails! I get excited for human contact and always think it's sweet that someone took the time to reach out and say hello or make an inquiry. I'm learning that in order for me to have moments of rest, I must set (and abide by) my office hours. As much as I love people, I can't reply at the immediate ping of a notification...and that's okay. #icantkillmyself.
  5. I actually get annoyed when people ask me "did you get a lot done today"?: LOL. I'm realizing that there are some days I spend waiting. While you can't leave everything up to chance, you also have to exercise patience. There are only so many emails to send out, and so much research to do. When you ask if we got a lot done, it slyly implies that perhaps we're just sitting at home watching Netflix, and aimlessly scrolling through our Instagram timelines.
  6. Be assertive without being aggressive: When you're your own boss, you literally have no one else around to get in the rings for you. As an employee, when it gets rough you can turn to your supervisor or HR and seek advise from colleagues when you need resources or a second opinion. I'm learning the art of confidence and the power of exercising my voice (without leaving a negative impression on a client). This means being assertive when negotiating contracts and pay, being bold and speaking up when you feel under-appreciated, and utilizing your resources (mentors, network, Google), when you have questions.
  7. Realize that you are your brand: This one is my favorite and probably one of the most important lessons I'm learning so far. As my own boss (as obvious as this may seem), I've come to realize that I must carry myself in such a way that offers an accurate representation of my brand. With confidence. In the age of social media, we can create content that depicts a brand message and aesthetic that we want our audience to associate us with. I'm learning that this also should transcend into my everyday. For example, dressing  in such a way that aligns with my brand's story, speaking in a way that articulates my brand message, and interacting with everyone in a way that says #bossgirl.

If you're interested in building your personal brand (or business brand), I've created a brand audit to help you with my last point. 

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Any hacks on self-employment? I'd love to hear your stories & truths you're discovering along the way. Share with me on insta or on the comments below :)


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